Organic matcha green tea: a convenient truth

Did you know that conventionally grown matcha is routinely treated with a broad range of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers?

3 reasons to avoid non-organic matcha:

1) The chemicals sprayed on the tea leaves damage local eco-systems
2) They disrupt the natural biodiversity of the tea plantation
3) And finally, they contain an array of heavy metals and toxins, which end up directly in your cup of non-organic matcha! Cheers to that so-called health boost!

A study by Greenpeace found that the pesticide levels in non-organic (green) teas are often at alarmingly high levels. Similarly, another study found that regularly drinking pesticide-contaminated tea does more harm than good and can actually decrease (rather than increase) lifespan.

Synthetic chemicals are designed to stimulate production, and whilst these methods may increase the yield of a crop, the quality, flavour and nutritional content reduces significantly.

Organic tea farming practices, however, rely heavily on the natural breakdown of organic matter, using techniques like green manure and composting to replace nutrients taken from the soil by previous crops.

At The Pretty Smart Food Co we are committed to supporting organic tea cultivation, protecting both the health of our farmers and the environment. RAWCHA® matcha is therefore strictly cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

To great health!

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