The unbeatable benefits of ACV

What’s all the fuss about ACV anyway?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made by first crushing, distilling and fermenting apples to create a cider. A bacterium called aceatobacter then converts the cider to acetic acid, or what we call vinegar.

But why all the fuss over what is basically a vinegar? Well turns out the benefits of ACV are numerous and has been known for centuries. Even the father of medicine, Hippocrates, was known to use ACV as a health tonic. ACV started to trend as a health supplement in the 60s and 70s and is still as popular as it ever was today.

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So just what makes ACV so wonderful?

Unbeatable antibacterial properties
ACV has been found to be effective at keeping gut bacteria under control. Several studies have shown its positive effect at controlling the levels of E. coli and Staph bacteria that live in our gut to prevent them from causing infections.

Controlling blood sugar
ACV can be a great help to those who are trying to keep their blood sugar levels under control. A 2004 American study showed that after giving participants a small amount of diluted ACV their blood glucose levels had been lowered significantly.

Weight management
Probably the most important benefit of ACV is its effects on weight loss. A 2018 clinical study demonstrated how participants who supplemented a healthy diet and exercise with a dose of ACV lost almost twice as much weight as those who did not consume a dose of ACV.

Cholesterol control
ACV has also been seen to help individuals keep their cholesterol in check. In the same study the participants who consumed ACV also experienced reduced triglyceride cholesterol levels overall but an increase in ‘good’ HDL cholesterol levels significantly which is linked to a reduced risk of a heart attack.

What is CiderPro+?

With so much focus on health and wellness and the different types of diets people follow to get there as well as the various types of food intolerances people have, we feel that gut health has been neglected in this pursuit. What’s key is that our mental wellbeing is highly dependent on gut culture and interactions, so if we aren’t taking care of our gut we are missing out on a big part of our wellbeing!

ACV was a natural choice as our main ingredient for the recipe. Its benefits are numerous and has been well-known for centuries. Even the father of medicine, Hippocrates, was known to use ACV as a health tonic.

The harsh taste and smell of ACV can be off-putting, as well as the chore of having to dilute it in water before consuming it. But the magic effects of ACV are too hard to ignore, and so our challenge was clear: to create the ultimate ACV gut-boosting recipe in capsule form so there is no more awful taste nor the chore of preparing it (plus protection for your teeth!) We've also added in these sidekick ingredients:


Probiotics are live good bacteria. ACV itself contains probiotics, because of the combination of the yeast and bacteria culture that it contains. However, we added probiotics (the two strains we used were Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum) to help maintain and restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut especially after it's been disrupted by an illness or treatment.

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A prebiotic is a type of fibre which is simply the probiotic’s fuel. It also feed the good bacteria already living in your gut, which in turn acidify the colon and serve as a nutrition source for the colon’s own cells. This promotes a healthy symbiotic relationship between bacteria and colon, which depend on each other for colon health. The type of prebiotic we use is Fructo Oligosaccharide or Inulin, which is typically derived from chicory root fibre.

Cayenne Pepper

Don’t worry, this doesn’t make CiderPro+ spicy but it does give CiderPro+ its metabolism-stimulating properties, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the course of the day. It also helps to control appetite and can reduce hunger pangs and portion sizes. In other words, cayenne pepper may allow you to feel fuller for longer.

Of course, it also has its benefits for gut health. Its capsaicin (what makes the cayenne pepper spicy) content helps stomach cells protect itself against injury-causing agents or bacteria, reducing inflammation in the stomach… contrary to popular belief!

Aside from these benefits, various other studies have reported that cayenne pepper can help reduce blood pressure, relieve pain from arthritis and psoriasis as well as possibly reduce one’s risk from cancer.


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Turmeric is known for being anti-inflammatory and it can also play an important role in digesting food. It has now been studied for its role in helping with gut inflammation and gut permeability, two measures of your digestive efficiency. Turmeric is even being explored as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.


Ginger is a common natural treatment for stomach issues, such as bloating and indigestion. Studies have shown that supplementing diets with ginger can help increase the movement of food through your stomach, improve indigestion, decrease bloating, and reduce intestinal cramping. Also a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant source, ginger is also known to boost immune health.

We hope you enjoy CiderPro+ capsules!

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  • Amanda Armstrong

    I ordered 1 bottle and after just 1 week i was feeling the benifits!
    My bloatedness had gone,going to the loo was SO much easier and my jeans were doing up easier!
    Stupidly i stopped taking the 2 a day for about 10 days and i started to suffer all my old symptons.
    So i am back on them again and have now ordered 2 bottles,never again to run out!
    Great product,great price and it works!

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