5 reasons to take Marine Collagen

Out of all the sources of collagen available including bovine, marine collagen has been shown to be superior. Marine collagen is derived from fish, and is most easily absorbed by the body making it the most effective source of collagen peptide chains. Want to learn some benefits of taking marine collagen? We've got five:

1. Marine collagen is unrivalled as a beauty booster. It improves the appearance of your hair, skin, and nails by supporting your own cells repair and renew themselves. Collagen contains amino acids which are used to grow hair proteins, and strengthen our scalp where the hair roots attach to. 

Marine collagen contains mostly Type 1 collagen, which makes up the majority of the collagen in your skin. Over 50% of collagen is made up of three amino acids - glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline - which are also key when it comes to the collagen synthesis for the skin. Marine collagen peptides have a higher percentage of each type of amino acid than any other collagen source.

Marine collagen also has the smallest particle size of all the sources of collagen, making it far easier to absorb than bovine (1.5x easier actually) or any other type of collagen.

2. Marine collagen also builds bone strength by promoting the efficient absorption of calcium and other minerals, which are used directly for bone growth. Bone strength depends not only on the quantity of bone matter but also the quality, which in turn depends on its geometry, shape, mineral content and composition, and importantly, its collagen microstructure. In cell culture, marine collages improves bone matter quality while supplementation in animals significantly increases bone mineral density and toughness.

3. Marine collagen could be the answer to inflammation and joint pain. Collagen lubricates joints and can even help prevent the deterioration of our bones. Studies have shown that athletes with joint pain have benefited by taking collagen as a supplement for 24 weeks, resulting in improvement and relief of their joint pain. With its gel-like, smooth texture, collagen allows us to move our bones without pain.

4. A 2016 study found consistently low levels of circulating glycine (one of the amino acids found in collagen) among people with type 2 diabetes. Thus, supplementing with marine collagen, which contains high amounts of glycine, may help balance blood sugar levels, which is especially important for diabetics.

5. Did you know collagen can also help to boost metabolism? Supplementing collagen may help improve metabolism by adding lean muscle mass to your frame and supporting our bodies with the conversion of essential nutrients. It also functions as a pure protein source that does not contain any sugars or fat. A daily intake of marine collagen may help to suppress appetite by keeping you feeling full longer and thus can help promote weight loss.

There are a ton of collagen peptide supplements out there with all methods of consumption and from all sources so it is important to do your research as to which product is best for you. If you’re looking for an expertly-formulated comprehensive collagen supplement packed with additional ingredients to provide you with even more benefits beyond collagen alone, then check out the 100% Marine Collagen HydroPro+ supplement by The Pretty Smart Food Co.

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  • Pat Ramsay

    I have fibromyalgia and polymyalgia Rheumatica as well as High blood pressure, an under active thyroid. I take 2blood pressure tablets, daily thyroxineDaily , a once a week calcium tablet, vitamin D capsule daily. I have just finished taking steroids fir the polymyalgia rheumatica, ((three and half years.) but I don’t want to take them anymore. Can I take your callagen and Apple cider viinegar tablets. Will they help me. I am also overweight helped by the steroids.!
    Lots of questions I know but I am very keen to learn about your products.
    Kind regards
    Pat Ramsay

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