Don't worry, we've now got your 3pm office snack hunt covered ...

The team here at Pretty Smart Food want you to not only be conscious of what you eat but also enjoy it immensely.

Now of course we all spend most of our time at work, stuck at a desk for 8 hours while desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the biscuit tin. So if there was ever a way for us to get RAWCHA into the hands of nutrition-starved office workers, then we know we’d be onto something.

And that is why we've decided to partner with our friends at Office Pantry.

Office Pantry delivers a bundle of healthy snack mixes to companies right across the UK, with their packs uniquely tailored to the offices they deliver to. Top employers provide the snacks for free to their employees so they can work smarter, including our very own RAWCHA, making everyone happier and healthier in the process too.

And the best part: No more 3pm snack hunting when your afternoon hunger strikes.


We’re also super proud that we passed the Office Pantry entry 'grandmother' test. What exactly does this mean? The “grandmother test” means that all of the ingredients inside our bars must contain wholesome and real stuff. In fact, the ingredients must be approved by a grandmother. So if she can hold and touch the ingredients in raw form, and in fact make a meal out of them for her favourite grandchildren, then it passes the Office Pantry test. No problem for RAWCHA here.

And we passed the Delivering On Taste test with flying colours! Finally Office Pantry's snacks must be produced in Britain. Go team GB!


So there we go, we have gotten to know the founders Charles' (on the right) and Giles’ ethos and really resonate with what they are all about. Like us, they want us all to eat better.


Therefore we’d really encourage all of you to gently nudge your boss towards this page here (or 'accidentally' add the link at the end of your email to him or her, however you like to play it). I hear the best time to open this page is around 3pm weekdays...

You're only a click away from healthier, smarter eating!

The Pretty Smart Team x

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