cod liver faq


No, as the name might allude, our Cod Liver Oil is derived from fish sources. The softgel casings are made from bovine gelatine but we are working on making our softgel casings vegan.

Cod Liver Oil softgels are intended for the improvement of general wellbeing so while you might not see the benefits, you will definitely feel them. We recommend that you take the Cod Liver Oil softgels for a full month before you experience improvement.

Our Cod Liver Oil is sourced from wild cod fish in the waters surrounding Iceland and Norway.

By supporting heart, brain and eye health. Cod Liver Oil contains high levels of Omega 3 EPA & DHA fatty acids, which both contribute to the maintenance of the normal function of the heart. DHA also contributes to maintenance of normal brain function and vision.

There's 220mg of wholesome Omega 3 per softgel!