What are the Health Benefits of The Pretty Smart Food Co® Matcha Green Tea?


The freshest tea leaves, guaranteed

The highest quality and most nutrient dense tea leaves are those that emerge after the tough winter period - these are the leaves that are the most sought after by the tea masters. They are also known as first flush, or early crop leaves.

Grown in the most nutrient dense soil

We source our matcha directly from an organic tea plantation in Nishio, a region in Japan renowned for growing some of the country’s highest quality and most nutrient dense tea leaves. Our matcha is 100% pesticide/herbicide free, certified organic by the Soil Association and Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard.

Shaded for maximum nutrition

Prior to harvest, the matcha fields are gradually covered to reduce the amount of sunlight exposed to the leaves. This process increases the natural amino acid and chlorophyll content in each leaf, which results in matcha’s rich green colour, unique flavour and superior nutritional profile.

Stone milled for flavour and health

After the shading process is complete, the leaves are handpicked, steamed, dried and then ground by granite stone mills into the ultra-fine powder. Stone milling gives us an ultra-fine matcha powder - this makes the nutrients more bioavailable, increasing their effects.

Highest L-Theanine content

We only use the youngest, most tender leaves - giving the sweetest, smoothest tea without bitterness and the strongest health benefits as they are the highest in L-theanine. Many "ceremonial grade" matchas are made from 8 leaves which are older and more oxidized.

Steamed not roasted

With our matcha you'll be getting all the delicate nutrients (and no free radical damage to your cells because of oxidation that occurs when roasting and pan-frying the tea - ouch). Our special 30 second steam immediately stops oxidation and preserves the nutrients.

How to use Matcha Green Tea?