Wellnessbundle FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our capsule formula is completely plant-based, and even the probiotic strains in our ACV complex have been cultured and harvested from plant material. We are also certified vegan by The Vegan Society.

Plenty of our customers see results immediately in terms of improved digestion and reduced bloating, and some of our customers experience a more gradual improvement in gut health and weight loss. We recommend that you take the capsules for a full month before you see results.

Absolutely! You can sprinkle the contents of your capsules into smoothies, porridge, yoghurt, juice...

Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented apples. The fermentation process turns the sugars of the apples into alcohol, which bacteria then convert into acetic acid. The acetic acid and its nutritional profile are what give this vinegar a reputation for being healthy. It's good for your digestion, breaking down food, enhancing energy, controlling blood sugar and detoxification.

We source all our Matcha Green Tea powder from a small organic tea farm in Japan, high up in the mountains of the Nishio Prefecture.